You’ve read the inspiring stories; you’ve seen the videos and read the health statics, now it’s time to lace up get fit for yourself.

Example Excuses for Not Getting Fit.

“I don’t have someone to go with me”. A common excuse and to be honest it does help when someone is there with you. That said, your body and your health is your own responsibility. Even if no one is available to get fit with you, put on some head phone with motivating music. You’ll soon feel your energy levels heighten and feel better about yourself.

“I don’t have the right outfit to wear”. Another common excuse. Your outfit or your training shoes don’t have to be the best in brand. If you can afford great. If you can’t don’t worry about it. Remember it’s not a fashion contest.  You’re looking for improved health and lifestyle.

“I don’t have time”. Probably the most common excuse. A lot of people have busy lives. It could be work related or family related. The truth is, without maintaining a good level of fitness, your work can become more challenging for you to manage or, through lack of fitness, you don’t have the energy to enjoy and keep up with friends and family.

Top Tips for Getting Fitter.

  1. Value yourself: This is so important. Look and be the best that you can.
  2. Don’t take your health for granted: Health is not a commodity. The human body is the unique, complex and finely tuned. Without your health life is limited.
  3. Set yourself targets: Remember small achievable steps lead to big results

Common Results from Getting Fitter

“I feel reenergised”. Being unfit makes everyone feel lousy.
“I’ve surprised myself”. Quite often people surprise themselves because six months prior to getting fitter, they could not see themselves walking for 5 minutes or more, they could not see themselves lifting weights or doing exercise classes, or  doing 15 minutes of exercise without feeling worn out. Your body has massive potential. Maximise it.

“My cloths fit me again”. Getting fit enables you to raise your confidence, furthermore look and feel better about yourself.