For those who are fortunate enough to make music for a living, whatever your genre, realise that you are a gifted channel, by which the universe can share enlightening timeless messages across generations far and wide. Use your platform responsibly and wisely.

1.Music is the ELIXIR OF LIFE with no medical side effects.

2.Music teaches us and expands your minds and helps to shine a brighter light on situations.

3.Music heightens our natural senses by helping us visualise how things are and how they could be.

4.Music reminds us that we are unique but not that different.

5.Music reflects the different sides of ourselves.

6.Music transcends status and politics.

7.Music doesn’t belong to any age, race or creed. Music belongs to everyone.

8.Music provides help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless.

9.Music helps to articulate what we can’t quite say with words alone.

10.Music can create positive or negative energy.

11.Positive music should always be shared and not be sheltered.

12.Sharing Music helps to encourage others when our own words and experience is not sufficient.

13.Music is the original soul food and is as natural as breathing.

14.Music can befriend the lonely at heart.

15.Music reflects the intangible colours of human emotions, outwardly manifested in our facial expressions and various forms of dance.

16.Music can be made with or without instruments. Guess what, you can make music too. Just hum in a melodic way, write down the words that come from your heart and mind, connect them all together and your making music.