Wellness is a subjective word that differs for everyone. However the objective is still the same, health and happiness. If wellness is the tree of life, ask yourself these 5 questions.

1) How healthy is my environment and who are the people that will help me to flourish?

2) Where can I find fountains of knowledge that enrich my heart and mind, furthermore help me to mature and branch out?

3) Who and what brings sunshine to my life and how can I hold on to them/it?

4) Who keeps me rooted to the ground, helps to weather the storms and share the brighter days?

5) Using my experiences, how can I give back and plant the seeds of positivity, hope and opportunity in others.

The seasons of life dictate that we’re not always going to be healthy and happy. However you do have choices. The answers to aforementioned questions are key to sustaining wellness and feeding your tree of life. Write down your answers, use them as a reference & guide to health and happiness