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Change Your Perspective Change Your Life

Change your perspective and it will change your life is a statement commonly used, but not taken seriously enough. When we need change and progress in our life, we sometimes procrastinate and do nothing because of fear. I can’t is the dominant force instead of yes I can. Starting from today, be bold and be focused. With perseverance and determination, you can address and conquer your fears, you can change your life for the...

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5 Questions About Wellness The Tree of Life

Wellness is a subjective word that differs for everyone. However the objective is still the same, health and happiness. If wellness is the tree of life, ask yourself these 5 questions. 1) How healthy is my environment and who are the people that will help me to flourish? 2) Where can I find fountains of knowledge that enrich my heart and mind, furthermore help me to mature and branch out? 3) Who and what brings sunshine to my life and how can I hold on to them/it? 4) Who keeps me rooted to the ground, helps to weather the...

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Every Child Deserves a Chance to Wish upon a Star.

Every Child Deserves a Chance to Wish upon a Star. Let’s Help Their Dreams Come True Children have an amazing ability to watch, listen and absorb what they see and hear in a simplified way. Their acute ability to study facial gestures, copy sounds and movements and reflect what they hear and see is quite astounding. More often than not, their fear of failure is outweighed by the desire to express and enjoy themselves. And so it should be. Positive role models through music and art can influence and have a great impact the formative years of children lives. Through positive role models, we have a chance to expand imaginations and metaphorically help to create pockets full of dreams and aspirations. How many times have you seen a child’s reaction to something that amazes them and they say; ‘wow I want to do that’ or, ‘wow I would love to be able to do that’ or, ‘Can you teach me how to do that’? or, ‘Can you find someone to teach me how to do that?’ At those key moments theirs a spark in the heart and mind and dreams and wishes are created. That’s why KicKStartAndInspire encourage and advocate exposing children to as many positive things as possible;  Whether it’s acting, singing, playing an instrument, visiting museums that help to widen the mind or, creating a great piece...

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