Some people may suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or stress related illnesses at some point in their lives. Here’s the good news, your not alone and its not unique to you. The causes may vary from the stress of studying for your exams, a challenging job or situation, a shock to the system such as grief, or a build up of underlying stressful issues that has not been talked about and addressed. When your over loaded, your body will find a way to get you slow down, take stock and reach out for help to deal with the issues in front of you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Be aware that panic attacks and anxiety and stress related illnesses are more prevalent than you may think. There and various coping mechanisms such as prescribed medical support, counselling, meditating, exercise or  basic breathing technics. Always seek professional advise.

Listen to this fascinating presentation by Max Strom describing how controlled breathing is a good starting point to dealing with panic attacks and anxiety.