By Helping Others We Help Ourselves

There’s a saying that no man or woman is an island. A short but powerful saying which in it simple terms means, people shouldn’t feel isolated when facing challenges of any kind with no one to turn to for help or guidance.

Helping others are two words that can be achieved in so many ways. For example, a smile to brighten someone’s day, a kind selfless gesture of volunteering your time or, a small donation to charity that will help to make a positive difference.

5 Key Points to Helping Others.

  1. Be a good listener. Remember you need to hear the whole story before you offer advice or a solution.
  2. Listening allows someone to let their feelings out. In many cases talking is the start the healing process.
  3. Have an open mind and an open heart
  4. Don’t be judgmental. When someone is in need of help, they don’t want the feeling of being judged the intense look of disapproval
  5. Sometimes you may feel that you don’t have the skills, experience or resource to help someone in need. That’s fine and it’s not uncommon. However If you can be the link to go and find help, then you’ve played a key role helping someone making a positive difference.

How Does Helping Others Help Ourselves?

One of KicKStartAndInspire motto is Learn > Enjoy > Achieve > Give Back. Helping others is a privilege and generally brings a sense of humility, self-worth and self-satisfaction. Just think, you were chosen, you were the right person at the right time, or you guided someone to help. What an honour. Check out the various volunteering and charity stories, organisations and events at KicKStartAndInspire.