There’s an old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. A metaphor commonly used when referring to someone who has years of experience in a trade or market sector and needs retaining due to circumstance beyond their control. For example job loss due to redundancy because the product or service has been superseded, or perhaps involvement in an accident that changes what a person can do and ultimately affects their career path and future.

The question is, why limit ourselves?
The human body is so multi-functional and the mind is so powerful that often, the only limits that are in place are those that we impose on ourselves. The trick is to widen your scope, yes widen your scope and look to the horizon. Step by step, you will reach a new summit and surprise yourself of how powerful you are. News Flash!! Whether we like it or not,# life is all about change. Nothing stays the same.

The mind and body work in tandem. If in your mind you say no I can’t, then your body has no option but to stay put. However if in your mind you say YES I CAN!, you start to sit upright, your face brightens up, a smile appears and whatever circumstances or challenges are before you, you will find a way to succeed, you will find a way to retrain yourself to Learn New Skills And Create A Brighter Future For Yourself, by simply saying yes I can, and nothing is going to stop me!!

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