Have you ever set yourself a goal and not achieved it? Well you’re not the first and most likely won’t be the last.

The question is, what does that goal mean to you? For example, is your goal monetary to seek a better life style? Or, is your goal to improve your long term health?

History has shown that many people give up on their goal when they reach the first hurdle. Many people forget that it’s impossible to reach their goal immediately and reaching a goal is all about building blocks. I.e. learning from others along the way, furthermore and equally as important, learning from your own mistakes that ultimately reshapes and refines you in order to meet your goal.

A goal generally starts with a vision and a desire that’s glazed with the final euphoric outcome. Challenges and hard work and taking a breather along the way rarely figures in that vision unless you’ve been down the goal achievement road before.

When working towards your goal, it’s important to remember that there’s no harm in in taking a breather, collecting your thoughts and assessing where you are on your journey is very important. That said, you’ve got to get moving again to reach your goal.